...because I do have a story to tell.
Nick C. Casale

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...because I do have a story to tell

About Nick C. Casale:

Quick overall bio, and then on to the health, nutrition, and fitness story:

First and most important, I am a Christian, a follower of Christ, and a man always seeking God's will and seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit. Like most, or many, people, I have strayed on and off the path several times, but He continually calls me back and He is faithful to keep me. Without Christ, none of the below would have been possible. He truly is a loving miracle worker. I have to say that my life has been truly miraculous, even when I went off course. My health and fitness has been a major blessing that sometimes I cannot even comprehend how it has been possible, but I will tell you some of what I have done, and how it has worked below.

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. Lived in NY, CA, CO, TX, IL, ND, FL, and now back, and residing, in CA. Served in the USAF, served as a firefighter (Chief 2), worked many years in aviation / aerospace, a certified Master Personal Trainer with a sports nutrition certificate, Life Coach, a writer, designed logos and Web sites, provided computer support, leadership consultant, a professional photographer, FIXFAST TECHNICIAN / Handyman, FAA Certified Remote Pilot In-Command (drone pilot), and the list goes on with an extremely broad, and diverse background. However, below is the real story, the real inside scoop and why this website was even initially created - a story to tell with valuable nuggets for living a healthy and strong life.

Birth to age 12: I was, as they say, born at an early age (joke). I was tiny, legs toed in - requiring a leg brace, born with Scoliosis (curved spine), weak left eye muscles (wore a black patch on one eye), had a speech impediment, and I had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, but not the hyper kind, and back then it was just diagnosed as not paying attention). I was one of the smallest kids in school, scrawny, weak, uncoordinated, and I got sick a lot due to a weak immune system.

Age 12: I started lifting old, rusty, metal (hand-me-down) weights in front of a full length mirror propped up at an angle against a wall in my basement bedroom. I lifted weights and did push-ups and sit-ups daily while staring at a scrawny, wimpy boy. I still had a weak immune system, a poor diet (peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Wonder white bread, spaghetti, soda, Scooter Pies, Yodels, cereals loaded with sugar, etc. Bazooka bubble gum was my pre-workout (and during workout) energy boost. Results came extremely slow.

Age 16: A doctor told me to stop lifting weights as it was NOT good for me, due to being born with a curved spine. He said if I did not stop I would find myself in a wheelchair by age 42 and unable to walk. His advice scared me, but I was more afraid of remaining a wimp, so I never stopped lifting. Making a very long story short, from age 16 to 46 years old I was sick far too often. If someone got sick around me, I would get it too, and have it longer, and worse, than anyone else.

Age 36: From age 36 to 46 I had serious bouts with extreme Chronic Bronchitis, 2 to 3 times per year for 10 years straight. Not to mention all of the colds and flus I had as well. Chronic Bronchitis is one of the symptoms of COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, a type of Emphysema, which my dad died from at the young age of 63, and I was clearly on his genetic path. And, unknown to me, I was making the situation worse not only by my poor nutrition and poor eating habits, but also by lifting heavy weights and exercising daily without proper nutrition. The extreme exercise was contributing to what is known as "exercise-induced oxidative stress." I was doing more tear down than I was building up, and totally destroying my already weak immune system, and body.

Age 46: From age 12 to 46 I worked out on and off, mostly on, and daily. One day while playing basketball with my daughter (and she was winning) I pulled a tendon in my right leg calf and that shut my workouts down for a while, but unfortunately I was still eating a lot, like a lifter, and also still eating junk food. I did not realize how much my metabolism had slowed down at age 46, and by June of that year I was driving with my arm rested on my belly (first "belly" I ever had) and I weighed in at 167lbs, which was the most I had ever weighed, by a long shot. My normal weight typically ranges from about 148lbs to 152lbs max. I was stunned when I realized how much weight I had put on. I set a goal to have ripped abs, and to be back in great shape, by the end of that year, which I did, with a vengeance, and thankfully I was eating mostly salads during those 6 months which finally started my nutrition headed in the right direction.

Age 46 - 48: By age 46 - 48 I had gained a great deal of muscle, I was lean, and in the best shape of my life. I was incredibly strong, as was my immune system. A major part of that success was due to a friend of mine (Sue) who introduced me to Juice PLUS+, which I initially was not at all interested in. I put up the typical wall of resistance as I thought I had tried everything before, and when I learned it was sold through distributors I was totally against it. I had been through my Shaklee and Herbalife Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme days, I had friends who worked the AMWAY route, and I was totally against being involved with, or supporting, any more of that stuff. My friend (Sue) gave me some Juice PLUS+ to try (and she gave me some research study information that totally backed up the product and explained why it works) so I finally caved in and I not only began taking it, but it caused me to change my entire diet to primarily plant-based nutrition (fruits, berries, veggies, whole grains, seeds and nuts) and only very lean meat. I refused to take anything else, no supplements or vitamins of any kind, I wanted to test just the Juice PLUS+ with my workouts. Juice PLUS+ - Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry blends are actually whole food in capsule form. Juice PLUS+ is not some manmade concoction, it does not include any chemicals or additives, no isolated or fractionated vitamins, and most of the natural salt and sugar are removed with the fiber put back in. Another friend of mine (Steve) drove home the point early by asking me, "Why do people take vitamins?" The answer is to supplement what vitamins and minerals they do not get through their lacking daily diets. And, "Where do most of those vitamins and minerals come from?" Most come from plant-based nutrition. So this was the key to boosting my immune system, reducing exercise-induced oxidative stress, and creating my nutritional COREBASELINE. The very REAL RESULT is that since I started taking Juice PLUS+ in 2007, and I changed my diet, I have only been slightly sick 3 times, which I beat in a couple days easily, and I have not had Chronic Bronchitis one time in all of those years.

Age 62 (I will be 63 on 12/8/2023): So here I am writing this at age 62 still lifting weights and using resistance bands and a Total Gym which I heavily modified. All of the years lifting heavy, working out, eating healthy are for sure paying off now at this age. COVID-19 tried to get me, twice, but I easily beat it twice with no medications or vaccines. I have an incredibly strong immune system and overall body, complete with a determined and highly driven / disciplined mind helaf in place by the hands of God. I still take Juice PLUS+ and I still eat a diet based on plant-based nutrition (I am a complete Vegetarian and have been for 5 years - No meat or fish), I was a Vegan for a couple years prior to being a Vegetarian (so no meat of any kind for over 7 years now), and for most of the past 16+ years in total I have been very big on, and primarily eating, plant-based foods. I still do not take any medications, and I am extremely healthy and fit. I hope this not only inspires you, but that it changes your life, helps you establish your COREBASELINE, and it launches you off to a more vibrant and fully capable life.

Nick C. Casale

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