...because I do have a story to tell.

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Think LONG-TERM health and fitness, supported by the best possible nutrition, which is plant-based, clean, whole food - fruits, vegetables, berries, and whole grains in capsule form. Think about a COREBASELINE of nutrition for your long-term health that gives you that launching pad to do so much more, to challenge your abilities, to live a full and exciting life.

Prior to taking Juice PLUS+ (16+ years ago), I had the weakest immune system. I had bouts with serious Chronic Bronchitis 2 to 3 times per year, for 10 years straight. And, I would get sick with just about every other cold anyone brought in and around me. Chronic Bronchitis is one of the signs of COPD, which my dad had and died at age 63, I was on his genetic path. The doctors told me I would have Chronic Bronchitis for the rest of my life due to the lung damage that had been done and for 10 straight years they were right. Since I started Juice PLUS+, 16+ years ago, I have not had a single bout with Chronic Bronchitis, or any signs of it, and I have only been slightly sick with common colds 3 times in those 16+ years. I am incredibly strong and healthy, and I am not just talking muscle, but my immune system, it is now powerful and well protecting me. I also started taking the Omega Blend in 2020. Incredible and undeniable results.

For you bodybuilder types who want to grow muscle, build that COREBASELINE of on ongoing, long-term, nutrition that keeps you healthy in and out of the gym, and healthy in and out of competition season.

...because I do have a story to tell

Nick C. Casale Like most lifters, I once totally believed in the "No Pain, No Gain" philosophy, but now I know better. And, it is hard to convince bodybuilders and strength trainers any different. Most say that they enjoy the pain, and it would not feel like they had a good workout unless they were sore the next day, but what they are missing is that the soreness being experienced is from teardown, not build-up. Through solid nutrition, you can achieve more buildup, and far less teardown, so your results from each and every workout are much better, and if you are doing the nutritional part right, the soreness is minimal. I have tested just taking Juice PLUS+ (nothing else) clean, over and over again, and lifting hard and heavy, and I obtained outstanding results every time.

This truly is solid advice from a 61 Year old natural bodybuilder who has been lifting for 49+ years (since age 12), and still going strong. And, one who still does not take any medications, drugs, and never any steroids.

YES, I totally believe in the power of Juice PLUS+, and in this case the results speak clearly and honestly. It is the BEST nutritional product I have ever taken, and the last almost 16+ years of my life have been dramatically improved by taking it.

Juice PLUS+ - The Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry blends are a crucial part of my COREBASELINE of nutrition. I won't go on and on about it here. Please read the About Nick section of this website to learn more about what Juice PLUS+ has done for me. It does what they say it does, and I know it fights exercise-induced oxidative stress, it reduces and /or eliminates chronic inflammation, and it helps build an incredibly strong immune system. If a product can help do that, and I know it does, then it is clear that it also slows the aging process, and battles disease. Just get it, you will not regret it!

To learn more about Juice PLUS+, and to order the highly-recommended Fruit, Vegetable, and Berry Blends, visit: nickcasale.juiceplus.com

When I was 46 - 48 years old I tested Juice PLUS+, and what it would, and could, do for me. I was bodybuilding, lifting hard and heavy, and other than the food I was eating, the only thing I took was Juice PLUS+. Here are the results:

  • My energy levels were up and consistent / stable the entire time, and right there on-demand. In fact, at times my workouts went 2 to 3 hours, non-stop, and one crazy day I put in nearly 5 hours lifting.

  • Muscle growth was the most significant I have achieved in all of my years working out.

  • I remained extremely lean, often down at a 6% body fat level, for extended periods of time.

  • I was the strongest I have ever been in my life.

  • The fiber kept me cleaned out and regular as well.

Purchase Juice PLUS+ by clicking HERE - order the highly-recommended Vegatable (Garden), Fruit (Orchard), Berry (Vineyard), and Omega Blends (I started taking the Omega Blend in 2020).

COREBASELINE KEY POINTS (Based on Gold Standard, 3rd Party, Placebo-Controlled, Peer published and reviewed studies, and on my own personal experiences, as noted below) -

  • Enhances and protects blood flow - Improves circulation (Study results & known personal experience)

  • Protects the endothelium, elasticity of the veins, arteries, etc. (Study results)

  • Reduce, and combats, the effects of oxidative stress (Study results & personal experience)

  • Reduces, and combats, the effects of exercise (Study results & personal experience)

  • Reduces, and helps prevent, chronic inflammation, which is the root cause of most diseases (Study results)

  • Enhances the immune system (Study results & personal experience)

  • Improvements in periodontal health (Study results & personal experience)

  • Stimulates growth - Hair, nails, vibrant skin, and muscle (Known personal experience)

  • Lowers bad cholesterol (Known personal experience - mine, friends and family members)

  • Stabilizes positive and sustainable energy levels, no highs and lows, steady and available when needed (Known personal experience - mine, friends and family members)

  • Increases desire to eat more fruits and vegetables - plant-based nutrition (Study results & known personal experience)

  • Slows the aging process (Known personal experience - mine, friends and family members)

  • Low on calories, high on nutrition (Study results & known personal experience)

  • Omega Blend includes 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 and it is 100% all plant-based, no need for the fish (bypassed that mess!). FYI: If you were to bite the capsule, it tastes a bit like an orange creamsicle. No fishy taste, smell, or fishy burps with this product.

  • Capsules are NOT the "gel" type (Horse hoof), mostly made from tapioca, no animal products

  • NSF Certified, Kosher, Vegan-friendly, tested multiple times for contaminants (soil to capsule), and the actual process used to put Juice PLUS+ into capsules is a clean, certified, FDA approved process. Nutritional products in general are not FDA certified, but the "process" used to pust JP+ in capsules is an FDA "certified process."

Purchase Juice PLUS+ by clicking HERE

Nick C. Casale

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