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...because I do have a story to tell


The part of me which I enjoy the most is my creative side, especialy when I sense the inspiration coming from God. Over the years my creative side has exploded and later gone near dormant, for long periods of time. The photo above is from a photo shoot idea which I came up with and called "The Starving Artist." It was a fun one for me as I simply had to look my worst - no shaving, torn up clothes, rough neigborhood, etc. A friend of mine, took the photos for me, and I did the editing, enhancements, etc. I have never been good enough of an artist to make much money off of it (hence the Starving Artist), but I totally enjoy that part of me, and I wanted to share some of it with you.

More creative artwork, photography, and writings coming soon...

Master your connection and relationship with Christ, and then give all that you've got to enrich, enhance, and inspire others to do the very same. Too much pain, hurt, and destruction in this world." ˜ Nick C. Casale
"A heart writes what a head does not dare." ˜ Nick C. Casale

"Sometimes I listen so closely to the silence that I hear its ocean breeze,
I feel the rays from the sun, and I see colors blending into one. I see caverns
so deep and vast that they pass beyond my comprehension. Memories are like shadows;
they are cliffs of the soul. Off past the ledges I see deep waterfalls, I sense a
place that is meant for us all. Sail past the water and through the great aisle the
breadth that I see as deep as it is wide. A dimension of knowledge cradled by the
unknown, a span of time left all alone." ˜ Nick C. Casale
"If you keep climbing to the top,
and never go over the edge, the scene never changes!"

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Attempt a bigger heart." ˜ Nick C. Casale

"Every day is a never before." ˜ Nick C. Casale
"It's the Light in the distance that changes a spot in the wilderness."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Often, the only open door is not the one you want, but it is the one you need." ˜ Nick C. Casale
"If a single heart beat sends a unique and distinct vibration
out into eternal space, then what power and effect comes
from a person who truly speaks from their heart?"

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Creativity is an act of creation. Inside every person is the desire to create (something),
and to enjoy creation. Our Creator placed that within us and it's how we use it that matters."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Balance comes naturally, but is so difficult to achieve."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"The depth of the journey is directly proportionate to the height of the heart."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"I do find that when my heart is really aligned with Christ, that is when I truly find and see me too within it. And, only then do my true abilities and creativity flourish."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Embracing change is a good first step, but living the change that He is leading you to is the real challenge,
and the most rewarding."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"He walks out on the wooden porch, Screen door snaps shut. She sits curled up on the swing in a warm, gentle breeze that passes right through her delicate cotton dress. His love is so clear, the light in their eyes so crisp and clean. He brushes her glowing hair back revealing her gentle smile. The scent of her perfume swirls effortlessly intertwined with his cologne. Everything about them fits, arouses excitement, and peaks their desires. Softly he kisses the back of her neck, then slips around in front of her and lifts her up to carry her into a sunlit room as the warm summer breeze sails through the screens. The night is young, they are alone, the night is theirs."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Trust your instincts, lead with your heart, but guide it all by seeking the Holy Spirit and putting on the mind of Christ."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Creativity unleashed is like a dose of Heaven that leaves a piece of itself
behind as art. That piece of art forever marks the beauty of an incredible
moment in time."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Being known is not the same as knowing oneself."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Time is a long walk. Depth is a silent fall. Cold is a crisp breath.
Light is a path believed. Peace is a light feather. Gentle is a soft, supple rain.
Laughter is a quick, sharp curve. Hope is a dream in a wide-open space."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Come wake by me, stir, re-cuddle, sleep more, wrap into me and me into you, feel the deep embrace, THE touch, the clarity of feeling, the love that's near healing, the heart beats, and the snores that leave you smiling and looking at the ceiling. The dream tossed with hopes like tight wires without ropes, the flesh against flesh, the muscled caress. The silk of your skin, the warmth felt within, the beat of a soul, the drive beyond control."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Dream inspiring thoughts."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"In a vast, wide-open distance I find the depth of my own soul."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Consider the source of your life! An energized heartbeat,
a delicate and intricate spark. A steady and powerful, life-giving force.
Inside of us all it radiates light, sound, and energy. What is the source?
Who designed and measured its exact tempo and strength?
Why were you chosen to be given this life?
Lord of eternity, Lord of wonder and of light!
The masterful creator, the lover of our life."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"I am eternally marked and changed by experiences and a depth of unconditional
love which I can never forget. I don't simply choose to believe; I was chosen for belief."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Just as the flowers replicate the metamorphosis that takes place in the heavens, the soul of a man is enraptured as it is sealed and eternally transfigured by the slightest touch of the Holy Spirit."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Encompass the view, inhale it in-whole, contemplate its expansion, with freedom it flows."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Sunrise awakens and cleanses the soul as it dissipates the darkness while the clouds unfold. The science of nature, creation reloads, the wonder of Heaven written on Earth below."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"He has inspired our souls and equipped us with His full spectrum of light to be
magnificent masterpieces of living salt crystals in the sea of a tumultuous life."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"If one was amazed by the heights, be prepared to be amazed by the equal and proportional depths as well."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"Many people hear and see what we do, but few hear and see who we really are."

˜ Nick C. Casale
"So much of life is truly about perspectives and
perceptions. We form, and yes create, our entire
world (in and around us) based on these two. So if
this is how we see things, then we have to ask
ourselves, what is it that we are truly missing?"

˜ Nick C. Casale
"I took that walk in the rain. Shorts, a cut-up shirt, and flip flops
slapping against my heels. I walked to the top of the hill and saw
American flags whispering their flaps in the late night sky. I am
truly an American, through and through, a blood, flesh, and bone,
soaked wet with rain, American born and raised on Long Island, the
Empire state of New York. A man made of all of the things that make
America great - speed, strength, relentless ability to do all things,
and above all, a love for his fellow Americans. I took that walk, again
and again, because I am free, and because I love the taste of rain on my
lips, and the feel of walking in the freedom that reigns. I took that walk
in the rain."

˜ Nick C. Casale

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