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Recommended Resources for Property Owners

RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: This section of the website is for resources whom I fully recommend. I am extremely careful about who, and what, I recommend. If you see someone listed here, you know they are good at what they do, they are reliable, 100% trustworthy, and worth considering.

If you are looking for someone highly-reliable, 100% trustworthy, and one who has an incredible eye for, and pays attention to, details, to take care of your home or rental property in your absence, contact Judy Tata. Judy primarily services the North-West part of San Diego County, California. Judy has a great deal of successful experience with Airbnbs and other rentals, she has experience remodeling homes, and has access to a great group of teams to take care of just about anything. With Judy coming from a firefighter / EMT background you should have a good idea about what type of a caring and capable person she is. I highly recommend Judy!
Judy Tata
Judy Tata

If you are looking for an extremely talented and capable Interior Designer consider Michelle Meyers at JOLI G INTERIORS & DESIGNS. Michelle is quick, stays on top of all of the details, has assembled a great team of skilled contractors, and does beautiful work. Learn more about Michelle at: https://www.joligdesigns.com/. I highly recommend Michelle!

More recommended resources to come...

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